Top SEO Trends Of 2020

It’s time to take our annual look at what’s ahead for SEO experts in USA in 2020. What SEO strategies will work and help you dominate in the search engine result pages and earn maximum revenue? SEO strategies can occur for reasons. It’s necessary that your website strategy takes into account what works here in 2020.

Whether it’s Google updating their algorithm, optimization strategies becoming outdated and overused, or users adopting new habits time by time, you need to ensure that you are updated with SEO news. It’s important to keep track of the current SEO trend.

According to experts, here are some top SEO trends you need to know in 2020

BERT From SEO Street

SEO was commonly focused on finding the keywords related to your niche market that were the most searched on Google to begin ranking for them. The websites that were the most likely to increase the ranking positon used these keywords frequently. These websites would use strategies such as duplicating pages with some changes to each keywords, bombarding Google and achieving high ranking.

After some time, Google caught on and start working. Machine learning and AI have made it almost impossible to manipulate the algorithms. At the end of 2019, Google launched BERT. The goal of BERT is to enable computers to understand human language with the help of natural language processor.

Schema Markup

The most popular SEO trend for 2020 focuses on building and implementing new schema markups. Schema markups can be incredibly effective in helping you grab more of the coveted search engine result pages space in your space. Schema markup provide best opportunity to your site by giving search engines a better opportunity to understand your content.

You Too Should Use YouTube

YouTube has become another SEO trend to reach an audience in another medium. According to Google, 6 out of 10 people would prefer to watch an online video instead of viewing TV.

People love watching informative YouTube videos. There is something about being able to see and hear information rather than just reading it off the page.

By creating video content and optimizing your videos with keywords, you can get a large of audience that is looking to know about your niche.

Page Speed

Your site load time is now one of the important element to your SEO. Google uses it to find if the website gives an efficient experience to visitors. Neglecting your desktop and mobile page speed puts your website at high risk for getting pushed back on Google.

Page speed is also important for low bounce rate and for conversions, as web users expect a fast and experience. If your website takes time to load, due to poor speed you are losing an estimated 9.6%-13% visitors.


Let’s show a love for the importance of backlinks to SEO in 2020. Implementing best practices of off page SEO that produce high-quality and relevant backlinks is a signal to Google that your content is worthy of being displayed on the first page for relevant keywords.

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