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Top Actionable OFF-Page SEO Practices & Techniques in 2019

You are all aware by now that search engine optimization is divided in to tow major parts On-Page and Off-Page. You read about the important factors of On-Page SEO in our previous post, so it is time for us to discuss the actionable Off-page SEO techniques and practices.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off site or Off-page SEO is all about the practices and actions taken outside the domain of your website to increase its authority and improve search engine rankings. Off-page SEO is equivalent of getting a third party mention for your website where it helps in increasing the citation flow, co-occurrence, earning authoritative back-links, online content marketing and getting referral web traffic to your website.

How Off-Page Can Boost Your SEO Campaign

Google and other search engines use links acquired from different websites and directories as votes. Any website which has more votes in a certain category will have more authority in that certain niche. When other people start recognizing you Google will also recognize you.

Of course it depends also on the authority and power of the website from where you have got a mention (link), websites with more authority will increase your authority more significantly. When a good website with great authority shares your link on their website it is considered that the website recognizes your business and the quality of your brand and website. Google uses these links and any website with great number of mentions from authority websites will have a higher trust score in Google and this becomes a major ranking factor. But don’t you think that you can earn good backlinks so easily, in fact it requires persistent hard work.

Link Building or Link Acquisition

Link building is a crucial off-page activity.  If your website has high number of backlinks (links directing towards your website from other websites) will probably rank higher in Google. Acquiring good links will not only help you in the ranking part but it will definitely help you acquire more website traffic. The more relevant link you acquire the more relevant traffic you will get.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is the degree of how much authority does a domain have to a search engine, in our case it is mostly Google. Domain authority is measured on a scale of 1-100 that shows the trust worthiness and the power of a domain. Quality links will help you achieve better web authority and a better rank on Google SERPs. DA or domain authority is dependent not just with acquisition of backlinks but there are some other factors which may include, domain age, number of keywords rankings for a specific domain, traffic value, quality of content.

Social Sharing

Social sharing will never directly affect your domain and website authority but for a long term process it is not only great but also has significant importance.

Through social sharing you will be sharing your web content on crowded social platforms online which would ultimately attract online users. This would prompt the users to share your content on different social media platforms and that would result in more traffic for your website. This will eventually increase the authority of your website.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is basically content marketing and is one of the best Off-page SEO practices. This is where you contact highly authoritative website which are relevant to your business, services and products to share relevant content and contribute knowledge to its users. Of course when they accept your content you acquire a link with their permission from their website.

This way you get a very authoritative link and the traffic which comes from there is highly relevant and has maximum chances of conversion. That is because the users who are coming to your website have learned about the services and products relevant to your business.

Effective Off-Page Can Do Nothing without On-Page

One important thing to be noted is that SEO is made up two parts On-page and Off-page. For SEO to work for your website you need to marry the two to get complete, relevant and authentic results. On-Page factors deal with increasing the quality of your website while Off-page is all about acquiring backlinks and increasing your brand awareness in your target market.

Some Useful Which Will Help You in Your Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is not that hard to carry out but if you have certain tools to boost up the process then why not? There are some really effective and powerful SEO tools which can help you acquire quality links and boost your Off-page SEO. Not only just acquire links but you can keep an eye out on your competitors and see what are they doing which is helping them succeed.


Any SEO expert’s favorite. Ahrefs is the perfect SEO tool which allows you to perform SEO with extraordinary convenience, it is not only great for Off-page but also for On-page SEO.  Ahrefs allows to have a proper look at your competitors, you just have to enter the URL of your competitor’s website and it will show you all its back-links, referral domain, number of organic keywords, traffic value , top pages, URL rating and many more parameters. It is so accurate and helpful that some website literally block Ahrefs’ bot from crawling their website from their robots.txt file.

SEM Rush

SEMRush is another very handy SEO tool. It is the perfect tool which not only singles out the errors and issues of your website but also it provides you in-depth detail about your competitor’s keyword and backlinks. One great feature of this tool is the Domain vs Domain feature where you can compare your domain with your competitor and see where you are lacking.

Dare Boost

Dare Boost is another SEO tool which allows you to keep track of your website SEO.  The best part of Dare Boost is that it indicates the problems and issues with your website which are slowing it down and how you can fix them.

Deep Crawl

Deep crawl is great if you want to deep analyze your website. This tool will help you scan your website from A-Z and it will identify small to large issue such as H1 tags, broken links and linking structure on your website.

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