Healthcare SEO Strategy Secrets

Important Healthcare SEO Strategy Secrets

Is your healthcare SEO strategy not drive traffic that you expect?

Many healthcare companies have struggled hard for many years to adopt and implement more updated inbound marketing strategies. Despite of their agreement to creating high quality content and encouraging authentic engagement all over the digital platforms, many healthcare brands still struggle to increase organic traffic.

With all the quality time and energy you invest in your efforts, this can be dishearten.

If you are not focusing on your content, you may be missing some important ingredients in your SEO strategy and making a handful of simple tweaks could help transform your result.

If you want to increase your website traffic and target audience so you should include three main elements in your healthcare SEO strategy.

Earn Authoritative Backlinks

Quality backlink can improve your value of SEO in USA. When your website get link from any reliable website it give signals to search engine that your website is dependable of better ranking.

Here are some important factors which should be considered if you want to earn quality backlinks

Make Shareable Content

The important step is to create content that is relevant to your audience. One important thing is to make sure that the content is worthy of a share. The effective way to make sure that people re-share your content is to discuss new or updated content. For instance, if you have a medical device brand so you may create a blog on about how surgeon’s hours affect success rates.

Get Published In Relevant Publication

Make great effort to get your brand’s though leaders and top executives features in famous publications. Consider your company is a medical stuffing agency and your CEO could write an article related to burnout. If they have not published anywhere before so it is good start by pitching guest articles to small publications. 

Promote Content On Social Media

When you are promoting content on social media platforms so you are helping make backlinks and signaling to search engines that people are discussing about your brand.

Create Content For Voice Search

It has becoming one of the best methods of finding information on internet. In U.S approximately 111.8 million people will use voice search this year. For voice search, healthcare is the second active industry.

You should have account for voice search habits in your healthcare SEO strategy if you want to increase your traffic.

One of the virtual way to increase your chances of being included among voice search results is to use keyword phrases that reflect voice problems. It means using informal language and creating content that answers common questions. 

A great way to optimize your website for voice is making a FAQ section full of information centered around real questions prospects.

Have A Look On Technical SEO

Creating and optimization of content is important for increasing your search volume. However if your site backend is not set up for success so it can threaten your SERPs placement.

When evaluating your website for SEO, five things must be checked

Speed Of Page

Website that take too much time to load usually fall down in search rankings. It is important to make sure that your page must loads in two seconds or less.

Site Responsiveness

Site responsiveness impacts search ranking whether your website should be mobile-friendly. The way your website display on mobile devices affects search engine user’s experiences. Now Google’s mobile-first indexing is set to default, it is important your design renders correctly on screen size.

Schema markup

when search engine users persue search engine result page’s, they often review snippets beneath page titles to find which are most relevant to their need. These snippets are determined with schema markup.


Today cyber security is top of mind for every industry, however thanks to HIPAA an other regulatory and compliance concerns, the healthcare sector is especially sensitive. If your website have not already then make sure your website is validated and earn an SSL certificate.

Image Optimization

High quality image is important to maintaining a professional appeal and earning website trust. If you do not compress image so they may affect negatively on mobile experiences.

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