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A Guide On How To Remove URLs From Google SERPs

Deleting old content from the website does not mean you remove the content from the google search engine. Usually, we want to add some unique content in the google index. However, sometimes there are some…
Website Traffic

My Website Is Ranking, But Where’s The Traffic?

Before you get started fixing your traffic problem, you need to know about your potential customers that who are they? Where they are? And what they want to buy? Organic traffic is the main traffic…
SEO and website design

How Website Design And SEO Go Hand in Hand

An Important feature of a great website is a powerful combination of quality & relevant content, appropriate web design, comprehensive SEO efforts and marketing. SEO and web design go hand in hand, and both play a part…
SEO For medical websites

Complete SEO Guide For Medical Websites.

Americans are increasingly turning to online platforms to help them understand and manage their health. A study conducted by Nielsen tells, in 2016, 38% of americans consulted a search engine for health information as compared…
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