A Guide On How To Remove URLs From Google SERPs

Deleting old content from the website does not mean you remove the content from the google search engine. Usually, we want to add some unique content in the google index. However, sometimes there are some certain situation when we have to remove content from the Google as well as from the search engine such as Bing, Yandex, and many more.

Let we see some cases when we need a Google URL removal tool. Some time when any one searches a content in your Google search result and they find your page that you already deleted from your website. When they click on that page they find 404 error on your website and nothing more. By putting yourself in the shoe of your client then think how you feel? So cleaning up your content is equally important to add new content in the search engine.

Also, this would increase your website bounce rate, because nobody is going to stand there and admire the large 404 on their screens. This is a very important On-Page SEO factor of your website.

Sometime people use this tool to delete website from Google search engine in the case when they already have purchase new registered domain. In that case they delete the overall website instead of deleting the pages by using Google URL removal tool.

With honestly saying, Google need quality content on your website instead of having so many article on your website.

There are various reasons why one should want to remove their website or web pages from Google SERPs, such as:

Some information regarding your website has leaked to the search engine somehow, this could happen. For example, information related to new products and services.

You have removed or deleted the page from your website, but the information of that page is still available on the search engine.

Information has been updated on website but search engine still show outdated version or old version.

How To Remove Information From Google?

If you want to remove the page from your website and Google SERPs, first delete the page and then which you don’t want and then remove it from your Google search console.

The process is quite similar to when you index your website through Google search console. You first create then index.

By taken all thing in consideration, there are mainly two preconditions for removing any information from Google, which are as follows.

The page that was indexed by Google is removed altogether or you have changed the URL.

The website on which the problematic page was located is verified with Google search console.

Removing Your New Website From Google.

Building a new website content can takes considerable amount of time. So while you are in the building process you want it to keep it away from Google at all cost until you are ready to reveal it to the world. However, with a single mistake information related to the existence of your half done website can simply leak out to Google. And then you can expect Google to making it public by indexing it.

When making a new website, you can mistakenly leak your website by sharing it on social media like Facebook for your friends and family to see. Also, sharing links on other platforms could expose your website to third parties who may share your website on other platforms which are monitored by Google, this would then leak your unfinished website.

So, before you request the removal of the site from the Google through search console, you need to rename or delete the page from your website. Or, when you rename website so make sure that it won’t get into Google’s sight too quickly again. To ensure your secrecy, we recommend using passwords to protect the pages.

Then, track down the website that is mistakenly seen by Google. You will find it very easily by just clicking on the unwanted Google search result.

then, go to your google search console and select “go to the next version” and “Google index” >  “remove URLs”.

In the next view, choose “temporarily hide” and enter the right address of the page that you want to remove. Then Google ask the reason that why you want to delete the page. Click on the given option, “clear URL from cache and temporarily delete it from Google search engine”. It may take some days before your request is satisfied by Google. You can also follow the status of your request from the same location. 

Remove URL

That similar process can be used when an old page having out-dated data related to your product or services is delete from the website but search engine still show it in their results.

How To Remove Images From Google Search.

If you want to delete one image from the search engine than it is not difficult. You can easily remove it using three steps which are as follows.

Remove the image from the website.

Just want to copy the URL of the image

Paste the image URL in the URL removal tool.

That’s all, you can find the images URL in the browser bar.


robots.txt file. Block the directory of the image.

For instance: user-agent: disallow: “my image” this tells Google bots that the owner intentionally block “myimage” directory, so need to index that directory.

Note: All the files that start with the URL are also affected by this code as we need.

You can check if the directory is completely close or not by using the fetch as Google bot features in webmaster tools. I delete my “tag” directory from a search engine recently. Let me show you, how i did this

Step-1: block the directory by using robots file.

Step-2: Check whether your file is blocked or not by using fetch as Google bot option in Google webmaster tool. By entering the directory name and hitting the fetch button you will see it will show that directory is blocked by the robot.txt file.

Step-3: Now add the image directory in the URL removal tool.

Open your web master tool, click on indexed remove URL and then enter the image directory name and then continue.

Again choose the temporarily hide option and press the submit button.

Note: You will see the removal status of the directory. This is related to the removing directory from the Google search engine. However you can permanently remove image directory from Google search by following the same procedure.

How To Remove Page From Google Search Engine?

Moving on from there. And now I think you have a great knowledge of removing a page from Google search engine. However, let me tell you something interesting. What you have to do if you want to publish page on the website but do not want to add page in search engine? I think you use a robots.txt file but I recommend you to use no-index Meta tag because blocking page is little bit difficult. By adding this tag at the head of the article you will automatically tell Google that there is no need to index this page. This is the simplest way and by using it you can publish your page on website without blocking it and Google and other search engine not indexed that content.

How To Remove URL From Google?

Google understand that sometimes you want a page removed from Google’s index quicker than they are able to update it organically. In that case, they have set a URL removal tool that help you to expedite the process of removing the outdated page from the Google search engine result pages. It is necessary to understand that this tool only works if the website has already been updated to reflect the changes.

Google URL Removal Tool.

If you want to remove the URL from google then you have to make sure that you are logged into your Google accounts. Then go to the Google webmaster tools and press on the new removal request. Next, type in the correct URL that you want to delete and then press continue. By clicking on remove this page you will soon see a pending request for your URL removal. Which will take few minutes or an hour to be removed

Note: To make things clear, only the URL submitted will be removed by Google, if you want to remove another URL you would have to remove it separately. Large website commonly have many URLs with the same content, so make sure that you need all those out and submit the request for multiple removals. The easiest way to find all the URLs that you want to remove is to do a query in Google for website:

Leaked Information On Updating Your Site.

Too early information might slip into Google’s sight also when you are just updating few parts of your website. Say your website is already indexed by Google. Now you are about to launch a new section. As a reasonable person, you have hidden it from the menus.

But if you once add a single link to the new section in some older, indexed part of your website Google will jump in and index the new section too early too.

One more time, you need to make sure that your content is not available publicly. In addition to renaming and protecting the page with the code or password, you should take one more step. Delete premature content from your page, publish it and then again enter the information.

Step explained in the previous sections should also be taken. Find the problematic address and request for the removal of it by Google Search Console.

Cached Content and Search Engine.

But what if the search engine results already show right information, however the cached page they provide still has old information-or even worse should be private? First, you will invite Google to index your updated website.

Google provides you an option to speed up the process of updating the cached version of your website. For that, enter the correct address of the page that you want to remove. At that time, select “remove page from cache only” to be the reason for removal.

How Do I Delete The Request Of Removal?

When Google has confirmed your removal request, the website or page removed would not appear in search results at least for three months. But, if the same page or website is still accessible after three months then Google may index it again. However, in case you want your page to display in search engines before three months or 90 days have passed, you can get it back to listing by removing the removal request in Google search console.

Navigate to your google search console account and select “google index” > “remove URLs”. Now select “show: removed” from the menu that is given on your right hand above the table. Find the page that you want to re-index and click on “re-include”. Your page will be rei-ndexed within 3-5 working days based on Google information.

When Not To Use the URL Removal Tool.

Google has listed some cases when using removal tool is not recommended. Like:

When search display results, which link to pages that are already deleted. Google itself removes these results upon regular update.

When you want a fresh start, for example, if the domain was held previously by another company, so you can submit a new request for that purpose.

When you wish to see “right” results for example, you wish to see results without www ( and wish to remove those with “www”. As a result it remove everything including those without “www”.

Good to Know.

If your website uses many domains then it would be good to check search results with all your addresses and if you need to remove other website then repeat the same removal process with other addresses as well.

Don’t forget that there are also other search engines beside Google as well. Removing a page from Google search results does not remove indexed information from other like page removal from Yahoo, or page removal from Yandex.

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