The Hate U Give Ebook Review

 The Hate U Give Ebook

It's not uncommon for things to go wrong even when everything is done correctly. To keep it that way, never stop doing what is right.

You are probably familiar with The hate u give by Angie Thomas, a book that calls out issues like police brutality and racism. I was so excited to read this book, as it had so much praise.

In the story, Starr Carter, a 16 year old black girl, alternates between two worlds; her school Williamson Prep, where she is one of two black students in her class, and Garden Heights, her suburban black neighborhood growing up.

As the story opens, Starr and Seven's sister, Kenya, go to a party in Starr's neighborhood. She ends up reconnecting with her childhood best friend Khalil at the party when she feels isolated. Khalil offers to drive Starr home, but it turns out that White Police Officer One-Fifteen pulls them over and accuses Khalil of speeding. Khalil questions the motivation for the stop, and One-Fifteen orders him out of the car and searches him. One-Fifteen orders Khalil not to move and walks back to his car. Starr looks at Khalil as he opens the door. Three shots from One-Fifteen to Khalil, then he breaks and runs away. She watches him die without being able to do anything to help him.

In the book, we see Starr develop from an introverted girl afraid to stand up against racism and accept things for how they are, into someone who stands up and does not back down.

In the story, not only is race discrimination and casual racism discussed, but also the larger issue of being discriminated on account of one's color. It illustrates how even words that don't mean anything bad or aren't said in a racist sense can negatively affect someone. Hailey, Starr's friend, is constantly making racist comments about both her and Maya, who is of Asian descent.
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