The Almost Sisters Famous Ebook Review

 The Almost Sisters

As a comic book artist, Leia (yes, named after the Star Wars character) lives a perfectly acceptable life...until everything changes. She finds out she's pregnant after one night with Batman (or at least a charming guy dressed as Batman).

As a result, she finds herself heading to Alabama with a still-secret life growing inside of her. The grandmother is worse than she expected, her sister and niece arrive, and they discover a skeleton in the attic. This skeleton has cracked bones.

There is definitely a lot happening in this novel, no doubt about it. Although Joshilyn Jackson blends these plot lines into one superb family drama without making it seem disjointed or disconcerting. Also addressed are weighty issues such as racism and caring for elderly loved ones without weighting down the plot. Her topics are all equally fascinating.

My mind was blown by the nerdy references and graphic novel plot line. I really enjoyed the angle it took on this story, and it made my geeky self quite happy. She made me laugh when she described her struggle to create an origin story for Violence.  

There is nothing false or untrue about the characters in The Almost Sisters. They are all well-written and believable. You can buy book from amazon.

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